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At A Glance: May 2024 Community & Directors Meeting

The Rossmoor Homeowners Association Board of Directors held their May Directors & Community Meeting this past Tuesday, and as usual it consisted mostly of housekeeping and planning items.

The board did a recap on the cleanup event held in one of our adopted Stormwater Channels. Details can be found on the OurRossmoor.com website or by searching any of our multiple communication channels.

It was the first foray behind the locked gates of the channels for our volunteers, as it has taken nearly two years to get all of the conditions and permissions in place for access.

Our Rossmoor - Community &Amp; Director Meeting At A Glance

Things should run more smoothly from here on out -we have the details taken care of (permissions, ROW easement, access, training, and OCPW liaisons) we can turn our attentions to the channels themselves.

This trip in resulted in removing over 85 pounds of trash (mostly small pieces of glass, plastic, and rebar). The team also recorded and reported focused areas of concern to H2OC. When we mention “areas of concern” that doesn’t necessarily mean “concerning because anything is wrong” but much of what was noted could be considered “areas of interest” and “opportunities to learn.”

For example: What about the tufts of “nuance algae” in the channels? Again, details can be accessed from the article, but in a nutshell – the algae is a common condition, especially during seasons following heavy rains and are part of a normal environmental cycle.

The algae is evaluated for areas of concern (odors, vectors, etc) and treatments implemented. The tufts usually disintegrate on their own, as the weather warms up, if not OC crews will enter the channels and break them up manually, as needed.

There was no evidence of mosquito infestations. This confirmed the findings from OC, as they do the actual monitoring in the channels – our volunteer assistants prescribe to “if you see something, say something.” We did not enter the channels themselves, as the banks are rather steep. We do however, clean up along the access roads, take photos, and report our observations. 

Updates and volunteer coordination on the various aspects of the upcoming June 1st Graduation Celebration – all things are a go, and are on schedule. We have more than student 100 vehicles registered, so we are right on target for the 150-175 expected vehicles.

Coordination of RHA involvement at Summer Festivals. BikeRossmoor.org received a contribution towards their planned promotions during their activities as Bike Valets again, this summer. More info to follow.

This new gathering opportunity is being launched with a health-focused presentation on the County Fentanyl crisis — it is expected to be a great opportunity to hear about perspectives beyond law enforcement, but strongly integrates with their efforts (including making naloxone available to participants.)

That’s about it. The meeting ran for a couple of hours, and this summary took a few moments of time. You’re welcome. Until next month…..

Mary Ann Remnet

PS: Note the event dates below. Hope to see you around

RHA Board Meeting: Tuesday, 6/18, 7:00-9:00 p.m. on Zoom

Rossmoor Red Cross Blood Drive: Wednesday, 6/19, 9:00-3:00 @Rush Park

Bike Rossmoor Moon Pie Rides – Meet at Rush Park: 

    • Friday, June 21: Strawberry Moon, 8PM 
    • Sunday, July 21: Buck Moon, 8PM 
    • Monday, August 19: Sturgeon Moon, 7PM 
    • Tuesday, September 17: Harvest Moon & Lunar Eclipse, 7PM


Spring/Summer Events

  • Graduation Parade: Saturday, June 1, 8:30-1:00 @ Shops at Rossmoor
  • Rossmoor Family Festival: Saturday, June 8, 3:00-8:00 @Rush Park
  • Rossmoor Family FestivalSaturday, July 13, 3:00-8:00 @Rush Park
  • Rossmoor Shredding Event: Saturday, July 27, 8:00-Noon, Lee School
  • Rossmoor Family FestivalSaturday, August 10, 2:00-8:00 @Rush Park
  • Rossmoor Family FestivalSaturday, September 14, 2:00-8:00 @Rush Park


Fall Events

  • Taste For Los Al: Saturday, October 12, 5:30-9:00 @Shops at Rossmoor
  • Rossmoor Shredding Event: Saturday, October 26, 8:00-Noon Lee School

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