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An open letter to Our Rossmoor residents.

Rha Logo Square | OurrossmoorAn open letter to Our Rossmoor residents.

As your RHA Community Engagement Coordinator, I’m reaching out to you this afternoon.

Community Engagement is not a committee, it is what we do and who we are, and this is the first of our call-out campaigns – single event opportunities to join with our neighbors to pull together for and with one another.

Everyone in Rossmoor is busy and we participate in our snippets of time – one hour here, a Zoom meeting there. I am reaching out to ask for volunteers for Halloween night, to be an extra set of neighborly eyes and ears on the streets of Rossmoor to help our drivers and trick or treaters stay safe, between the hours of 5:00 and 7:30 pm.

The RHA is recruiting 20 members to wear a reflective vest, hold a light and stand at our busiest corners during the prime trick or treating hours for our families.

If we have enough volunteers, this opportunity will happen. If not, then we will readjust our sails and find other ways to pull together, as neighbors.

If you are interested and don’t have plans otherwise, please email me (maryann@OurRossmoor.com), using the subject HALLOWEEN, and provide me with your contact information, and I will confirm with details.

If this doesn’t work for you on short notice, but you wish to help on other single-event opportunities, use the subject RHA ROCKS – and I will add you to our growing volunteer engagement opportunity list.

Thank you.

Mary Ann Remnet,
Community Engagement


P.S. If you are just looking for the bottom line: If you’d rather help our neighborhood families rather than turn off the lights and hide in the back room on Halloween night (I know you’re out there), email me at maryann@OurRossmoor.com so you can help out for a couple of hours.

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