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Algae Blooms & Smells – How To Report Them

Nuisance algae blooms in the storm water channels of Rossmoor, like every where else, are difficult to control, especially with the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus that runs off our lawns and out of our gardens and into the stormwater channels.

We frequently get asked as the weather warms about these blooms and what can be done about them. As you would expects, as the air and water temperatures rise, the algae blooms grow faster. 

Are the Blooms Harmful?

As a general rule, these nuisance algae blooms are just that, a nuisance and pose no great risk to people or pets. As the algae grows and dies, the decaying material can produce unpleasant odors.  If you detect these odors, you can report the blooms to OC Stormwater. See the paragraph below on reporting.

Mosquitoes & Algae Blooms

OC Vector Control monitors the gutters and stormwater channels in Rossmoor very frequently. They routinely take measures to reduce and eliminate mosquitoes from the area. If you notice an increase in mosquitoes  around your home, please check your property for mosquito breeding grounds. Here’s a resource page to help guide you through the process.

Mosquitoes like the frequently seen in Rossmoor Asian Tiger Mosquito live their entire lives in about a 100 yard circle. While other breeds can fly as far as a few miles, if you notice an increase, check your yard first. 


Ourrossmoor Adopt-A-Channel Program - Rossmoor Channel Cleanup May 2024

Reporting Algae Blooms & Odors

To report algae blooms and unpleasant odors coming from the storm channels in Rossmoor, you can do the following:

  • If possible take photo(s) of the algae build up  that is blocking the water flow and or creating teh strong ordor.
  • Go to OurRossmoor.com/myoc which is a shortcut to the County’s My OC Services page, and create an account there or log into your existing account. This will let you track your service request with the county.
  • Once logged into the My OC Services site, select  Service Requests and Complaints
  • Scroll down the page until you see the “Trash/Debris/Vegetation” option.
  • On the map, navigate to the specific location the algae bloom was seen and the photo was taken.
  • Select the location (“drop a pin”) on the map by double-clicking on the map. A marker should appear on the map.
  • Click next and complete the rest of the requested information on the resulting page and click next.
  • Then the next page should allow you to attach (upload) a the photo(s ) you took of the issue.

Now, it’s in OC Public Works hands. Our experience has been that they are responsive and work to correct the issues that get reported.

And like everything else, if you see something, say something. We have 20,000 eyes in Rossmoor every day, our Public Works Team have less than 10 on any given day. It’s very likely we see stuff they can’t. It’s our job to point them to the issues when we see them.

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