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A Day At The Beach….

Seal Beach - Water Safety
Seal Beach – Water Safety

A day at the beach can be fun. However, swimming in the water can be dangerous if you don’t know how to keep yourself from drowning. Learn how to reduce the risks of drowning by following these beach safety tips!

Beach Safety Tips

  • Ask the lifeguard about rip currents and other hazards. If in doubt, don’t go out.
  • Obey the posted warning signs and flags.
  • Check the weather, water, and surfing conditions.
  • If someone is in trouble, get help from a lifeguard or call 9-1-1.

Swimming in the Ocean

  • Keep small children and inexperienced swimmers within reach.
  • Learn to swim before venturing out into the ocean.
  • Use boogie boards and surfboards with leashes and only use them in designated areas.
  • Choose to swim near a lifeguard and never swim alone.

Break the Grip of the RIP

Rip currents are powerful currents of water moving away from the shore. They can sweep even the strongest swimmers out to sea.

How to survive a rip current:

  • Remain calm and don’t fight the current. Swim to the side to get out of the current.
  • If you can’t escape, tread water or float.
  • If you need help, call or wave for assistance.

Download the OCFA Flyer for your reference

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