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6 Tips to Ensure a Smooth Move!

Tips To Ensure A Smooth Move!
6 Tips To Ensure A Smooth Move!

You know how daunting it is to move from a house you have lived in for many years.  But if you create a blueprint for your move, the transition will go more smoothly.  Here are 6 things you can do to prepare for a seamless transition.

  1. Full service or do-it-yourself

This is the first and often difficult question you may face.  The answer depends on your lifestyle, household size, budget, and amount of time you have.  In order to get the best deal to meet your needs, you should get written quotes from at least three licensed moving companies.

  1. Plan to unpack BEFORE you pack

Take a photo of each room in the new home before you arrive with furniture, plants, appliances, and family.  Write down on a clipboard where each item should go in your next home before packing, and carry it with you on moving day.  List out the major items that need to be assembled first.  As you place each item in its new room, cross it off the list.

  1. Be Strategic about packing

Start early. Complete a free change of address and schedule utilities ahead of time.  As you go through your things, divide everything into categories: donate to charity (make a list and take pictures for tax records), give to a friend, recycle, trash, pack now, or keep handy until moving day. Be ruthless!

  1. Plan for Child Care and Animal Care

Plan ahead. Consider daycare or get help on moving day.  If that’s not possible, prioritize setting up safe places for your children to play in.  Consider checking your pet into an animal daycare.

  1. Keep track of small parts

What to do with the small screws and washers when you broke down some items when moving – instead of taping them to the furniture, which could get lost, put everything in a baggie that is clearly marked and sealed.

  1. Take pictures of electronic hook-ups

Before unplugging any wires for the move, take a photo of the connections and hookups for TVs, DVRs, home theater systems, and computers. Print them out and label them in detail.  This will make setting up in the new home much easier.

If you are moving away from Rossmoor we will miss your presence and contributions to our community. If you are moving into Rossmoor, WELCOME! Please reach out to us and let us know your move-in dates so we can officially welcome you with our Welcome Neighbor! kit.

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