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405 Express Lanes Open

16 Miles & $2.16 Billion I-405 Improvement Project

Today’s announcement in our Community Engagement was planned to be about the opening of the I-405 Express Lanes, but after sharing in the dedication festivities in Costa Mesa at Ikea, the Rossmoor Homeowners Association recognized just how special this project is and what it means for Orange County.

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The Dedication for the I-405 Project was a terrific celebration to the largest highway expansion project in California history. One of the most remarkable accomplishments is that the 20 year project came in on time AND within budget. The OCTA Directors including our current Supervisor Andrew Do and our immediate past Supervisor Katrina Foley along with the supporting OCTA & CalTrans staff are to be commended. The faster and safer I-405 travel has arrived.

Today was the culmination of a 20 YEAR project – THIS project. Workers, Industries, Govt. Officials, Trade Associations, and community leaders gathered to celebrate.
What makes this special? This public works project, improving 16 miles on the NATIONS BUSIEST ROADWAY, is THE LARGEST Project ever embarked upon in the entire State of California.
The $2.16 billion I-405 Improvement Project is a cornerstone of fulfilling the promises made to voters through Measure M and is financed with a combination of local, state and federal funds, with the majority of funding from Measure M.
MEASURE M Continues to fund projects throughout our County, including our Public transit, Bike and Pedestrian pathways, as well as the connector streets within our cities.
More interesting info will follow, on the project and what it means to us, moving forward – hearing about the project from those who led the thousands of people who planned, networked, and constructed the roads side by side, are a true testament to how things should work, when things do work. In fact, the project was completed within the original timelines, despite budget crunches, Covid-shut downs, and other natural crises in our area that needed shared financial resources to restore.
The Express lanes are open – more choices for our residents towards traversing our roadways.
Today was a great day. Just the beginning, too.

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