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405 & 22 Carpool Lane Closures

Good News!

On December 1, two new regular lanes and 405 Express Lanes are scheduled to open to traffic!

Of course, there is also less than great news for those of us who use the exiting carpool lanes:

The I-605 and SR-22 direct carpool connectors to I-405 scheduled to close Nov. 1 for testing

OCTA broke ground on the I-405 Improvement Project in 2018 to improve travel times and accommodate an expected growth in employment, population and housing throughout the region. Overall, the project is adding one regular lane in each direction of I-405 between Euclid Street in Fountain Valley and I-605 in Seal Beach as promised to voters through Measure M, Orange County’s half-cent sales tax for transportation.
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The project is also making improvements to streets and freeway on- and off-ramps throughout the cities along the 16-mile project area. And 18 bridges were reconstructed as part of the project, many of which include new sidewalks and bike lanes.  In addition, the project is constructing the 405 Express Lanes between SR-73 in Costa Mesa and I-605 at the Orange County border with Los Angeles County, giving options to carpoolers to travel for free and solo drivers the choice to speed up their commute for a toll.

Once testing is complete, the 405 Express Lanes will open to the public between SR-73 and the Orange County/LA County Line. A FasTrak transponder will be required for all vehicles to use the new 405 Express Lanes. With a switchable FasTrak transponder, vehicles with three or more are always free, two-person carpools are free off-peak, and solo drivers can choose to pay a toll to use the new Express Lanes, which replace the traditional carpool lanes.

In addition to the 405 Express Lanes, the 405 Improvement Project – a centerpiece of OCTA’s Measure M – added one regular lane in each direction, improved interchanges, and rebuilt overpasses with new bike lanes and sidewalks.

For more information about the 405 Express Lanes, including how to purchase your transponder, please visit: 405expresslanes.com.

Additional details and e-mail updates can be accessed here

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