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2023 School Grab n Go Lunches

Welcome Back To School Faculty &Amp; Staff Lunches

Friday (10/6) was the last of our annual Grab-n-Go Lunches for our 4 Rossmoor elementary schools, which is one of our favorite times of the year.

All too often, we forget that cars, congestion, delays, etcetera, only happen because of everything we have that is great — schools, administrators who put their all into everything they do, teachers, who have smiles on their faces and are “all-in” no matter how tired they may be. Rossmoor Schools – planned and built, as part of our community – not as an add-on, but originally envisioned as being part of us. Please, never forget how special and unique this is.
Over the past few weeks, we met with custodians, tech teachers, steam instructors, special ed, speech pathologists, crossing guards, cafeteria workers, and many, many others whose roles slipped thru, as they came into their lunch rooms for us to serve them. We consider it selfish, as we get to see their magic. Four days, 300+ sandwiches, and more love than we could handle. #OurRossmoor, rest assured – our students are in great hands.
Those who have students in our schools already know this. Those whose children have graduated and moved on, will testify to this. And those whose littles are waiting their turns — oh, just wait – you’re in for a real treat.
Check out the end of this video — it’s a small glimpse.
And a few more photos….
2023 09 22 11.10.33 | Ourrossmoor 2023 09 22 11.58.44 | Ourrossmoor 2023 09 29 10.56.49 | Ourrossmoor 2023 09 29 10.58.29 | Ourrossmoor 2023 09 29 11.32.28 | Ourrossmoor 2023 09 29 12.32.24 | Ourrossmoor

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  1. Love love love….such awesome support of our schools….they are exceptional and all about kids. Chris forehan.

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