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2023 Lights Prize Winners & Recognition Awards

Thank you for participating in this year’s Rossmoor Christmas Lights Nominating Contest. We had plenty of entries this year. Without you helping to find the most spirited and decorated homes in Rossmoor, we would not have been able to complete the complete the Rossmoor HotSpot map for everyone to enjoy.

Thank YOU for letting us know where to look!

Nomination Contest Winners

We randomly selected our winners from those who made Lights Celebration nominations starting on Saturday, December 9th during the  Rossmoor Winter Festival  We will select and announce the remaining prize winners between Sunday December 10th and Sunday, December 17th. Winners need not be present to win.

The Winners will be posted below:

A BIG THANK YOU to Rossmoor’s own The Meat Company , The Original Fish Company, and Off The Hook for partnering with us on some of the nomination prizes. It’s fantastic when the community comes together to celebrate the great things about Rossmoor. Thanks again!

And of course, we want to thank you, the nominators and home decorators as, without you, there would be no Rossmoor Lights Celebration. You made the difference in getting more homes nominated.


2023 Recognition Awards


Congratulations Rossmoor Residents – together we survived the major Winter Vortex Storm of 2023! 

We were well prepared for the blustery weather of the Christmas season. However, it’s almost like the storm didn’t happen at all. No problem though because we are now so well prepared for Santa Claus’ arrival on December 25.

At the ready are our Christmas Lights Celebration award winning and honorable mention homes, now fully displayed with Santa Claus, Snowmen, candy canes, Christmas trees, gingerbread men, sidewalk arches, light posts, icicles, reindeer, penguins, the Grinch, presents and of course lights, lights and more lights.

So much to see and experience between now and Monday, Christmas Day. Hop in a car, jump in a cart, ride on a bike or even hike through the snow of Rossmoor to check out all these brilliant and fun displays.

With much pleasure, pride, excitement, fanfare, pomp and circumstance, here are the 2023 Rossmoor RHA Christmas Lights Celebration Recognition Award winners and Honorable Mention homes that made the Rossmoor Christmas Lights HotSpot Map, (download map PDF ) ready for you to check out, in-person, by you and your family!

Recognition Where Its Due

All award winning and honorable mention homeowners will receive an appreciation box of chocolate candy from the RHA – mostly composed of dark chocolate!

Special thanks to Art Remnet for his communication efforts for this event and cranking out the winners on the RHA website.

Special thanks to Lynnette O’Bryan for sharing her photography talents, so we get incredible images of the homes. 

Special thanks to Nia Hartman, who is going to use this Hot Spots Map for the Rossmoor Christmas Bicycle Ride on Friday and Saturday this weekend! More from the RHA this week about that Ride.

A very special THANKS! to Chris Marshall and Kieran Nolan for organizing, coordinating, and continuing this grand Rossmoor Tradition. You two are the very best of the season.

Most of all special thanks to all the Rossmoor participating homeowners, who decorate their home for all of us to enjoy and soak in the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas to you all, and looking forward to sharing the HotSpot Map with friends and family.

Hope to see you out there on the streets of Rossmoor!

Lights Bike Tour

What about the Lights Bike Tour you ask?  

Many folks have inquired about the traditional Rossmoor Christmas Lights Bicycle Tour, now in its 7th year since 2017. Plans are in place for Nia Hartman with the Bike Rossmoor Bicycle Club to host two Rossmoor Christmas Lights Bike Tours on the evenings of Friday, December 22, and again on Saturday, December 23. 

Both start at Rush Park around 5:00 pm with decorating. To join in, just meet up with Nia and the group on either (or both) nights at the Park.

Christmas Lights Recognition Award Winners

With much pleasure, pride, excitement, fanfare, pomp and circumstance, here are the 2023 Rossmoor RHA Christmas Lights Celebration Recognition Award winners and Honorable Mention homes that made the Rossmoor Christmas Lights HotSpot Map, ready for you to check out, in-person, by you and your family!

Recognition Award recipient homes with write-ups are followed by all the Honorable Mention homes and Bright Zones (groups of homes that are worth the trip!) that were selected to be on the RHA Rossmoor Christmas Lights Hot Spot Map.

Drumroll: here are the homes you must check out as you venture throughout the streets of Rossmoor!

11325 Donovan Road - Neighborhood Choice Award (The Vega Family)

11325 Donovan Neighborhood Choice Award Vega

This house received multiple nominations and write-ups, and it’s glaringly obvious why. If anyone is wondering how to participate in the Christmas Lights Celebration, if you do anything like John and Shirley Vega, then your decorations are just remarkable for Christmas visitors! Multi-colored lights under the eaves, spotlights higher than 20-feet in the trees, icicles of all sizes, snowmen, Christmas trees, forest creatures and a beautiful multi-colored wreath high above the roofline. One Rossmoor resident wrote, “I don’t know who’s place it is, but it’s awesome!” Yes, we agree, and are extremely grateful to the Vega Family for brightening up our Christmas!

2762 Engel Drive – Radiant Rhythms Award (The Monsen Family)

2762 Engel Radiant Rhythms Award Monsen Family

Presenting the Radiant Rhythms Award to the enchanting home that illuminated our Christmas nights with a symphony of lights and sound! This extraordinary winner, tuned to 88.7FM, orchestrated a mesmerizing dance of lights harmoniously synchronized with festive tunes. The Monsen Family’s festive spirit not only brightened our neighborhood but also created a magical experience for all.

Congratulations on transforming your home into a dazzling winter wonderland, where the magic of Christmas was felt through every twinkling light and musical note. The creativity and holiday cheer truly shine, earning the well-deserved Radiant Rhythms Award!

2681 St. Albans Drive – Gingerbread Grandeur Award (The Gandara Family)

2681 St Albans Gingerbread Grandeur Award, The Gandara Family

The Gingerbread Grandeur Award goes to the Gandara Family that transformed our neighborhood into a sweet and magical masterpiece! This home captivated our hearts with meticulously crafted, homemade decorations, evoking the charm of a life-sized gingerbread house.

Every corner adorned with sugary details, creating a festive feast for the eyes. Their dedication to spreading holiday joy through their unique and delightful design is commendable.

Congratulations on winning the Gingerbread Grandeur Award and sharing the spirit of the season with the enchanting, homemade holiday décor that truly made our Christmas merrier and brighter!

3341 Kenilworth Drive - Christmas Spirit Award (The Graham Family)

3341 Kenilworth Christmas Spirit Award, The Graham Family

As we drive around Rossmoor, looking for Christmas Lights with our hot chocolate, eggnog, or fruit juice, there are certain dwellings we always look forward to seeing.

The Graham family on Kenilworth Drive is one of those homes, and (well, let’s just say it’s even better than last year). They put so much energy, heart and love into their decorating, you won’t see a single spot they missed. We challenge you to find one.  The display truly emphasizes the Christmas Spirit we are all seeking! Thank you again Graham Family.

3132 Druid Lane - If Some is Good, More is Better Award (The Bliss Family)

3132 Druid If Some Is Good More Is Better Award, The Bliss Family

Dare we say it: This home is full of Christmas Bliss. We had two photos for this display, the first was so bright, we had to slightly dim down the lens for the second image. We know – it’s a perfect candidate for the Griswold Award.

However, it’s so carefully manicured, Clark Griswold could never have accomplished this level of sophistication. One of the best comments we got from the neighbor: “I don’t have to decorate my house. I’ll just set up mirrors, so my house looks as good as theirs.” From the mini candy canes in front, to the elaborate roofline, this is an amazing home spreading Christmas Bliss for all and has received the If Some is Good, More is Better Award

3342 Cortese Drive – Rookie of the Year Award (The Cunningham Family)

3342 Cortese Rookie Of Year Award, The Cunningham Family

This award is bestowed upon the enchanting newcomer who, with a touch of understated brilliance, transformed their home into a winter wonderland.

Adorned with pristine, all-white lights and delicate stars gracefully hanging from eaves, the Cunningham Family demonstrated a natural flair for holiday aesthetics. The immaculate organization and warm glow emanating from their display capture the essence of the season with an effortless charm.

Congratulations on this recognition – their debut has not only illuminated our streets but also left an indelible mark, earning the well-deserved title of Rookie of the Year in our festive celebration!

3212 Hillrose Drive – Frosty’s Wonderland Award (The Den Hartog Family)

3212 Hillrose Frostys Wonderland Award, The Den Hartog Family

Prestigious Frosty’s Wonderland Award is bestowed upon the home that brought the magic of winter to life in our festive celebration!

Imagine our delight as a live snowman, adorned in seasonal splendor, strolled through a snowfall beneath the twinkling lights.

The Den Hartog Family turned their home into a whimsical wonder, creating an enchanting spectacle for all. The integration of a living snowman amidst a gentle flurry added an unparalleled touch of charm and warmth to our Christmas lights celebration.

Heartiest congratulations on winning the Frosty’s Wonderland Award—a testament to the ingenuity in making the season truly come alive!

2701 & 2682 Brimhall Drive – Good Neighbor Awards (Buono and Diaz Families)

2701 Brimhall Good Neighbor Award, The Diaz Family
2682 Brimhall Good Neighbor Award, The Buono Family

Good Neighbor Awards are proudly presented to the outstanding neighboring homes that embodied the true spirit of community in our festive celebration!

The Diaz Family transported us to a galaxy far, far away with a captivating Star Wars theme, while the Buono Family, adorned with radiant arches and cheerful snowmen, radiated warmth and joy.

Together, these exceptional neighbors showcased the beauty of unity, blending their unique styles into a harmonious symphony of holiday cheer.

Congratulations on winning the Good Neighbor Awards for fostering a sense of togetherness and lighting up our neighborhood with shared festive magic!

11352 Wembley Road - Hallmark Christmas Card Award (The Farber Family)

11352 Wembley Hallmark Christmas Card Award, The Farber Family

One of the Rossmoor all-time favorites. We remember a year when the judges pulled up front to the Farber Family home, only to be walloped and sprayed by the sprinklers, causing several strands to go off. We still loved it then, and even more so now (because they remained dry this year).

Seems this house always reminds us of the beauty of Christmas. Yes, just like a classy Christmas Hallmark card when opened. 

Thank you Farber Family once again for delivering that happiness. As a viewing bonus on Wembley, their next-door neighbor displays one of the tallest and most decorated Christmas trees in Rossmoor. Check it out!

2022 Honorable Mentions (all these homes are also highlighted on the Hot Spots Map)

      • 3162 Blume Drive
      • 3115 Bostonian Drive
      • 2862 Coleridge Drive
      • 2842 Edgeley Place
      • 12651 Foster Road
      • 2942 Hillrose Drive
      • 3331 Huntley Drive
      • 2751 Mainway Drive
      • 2761 Mainway Drive
      • 11871 Martha Ann Drive
      • 12552 Martha Ann Drive
      • 2762 Salmon Drive
      • 2751 St. Albans Drive
      • 2661 Tucker Lane
      • 2662 Tucker Lane
      • 3212 Wendy Way

2023 Bright Zones (this location is highlighted on the HotSpot Map)

  • 3000 Block of Rowena Drive

The Famous Rossmoor HotSpot Map

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