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2022 Pacific Air Show 

In just about a week (September 30 – October 2) the Pacific Air Show will be back in Huntington Beach. It’s a great show to watch. If you can make it down to HB, it’s well worth it

With the show, beginning Monday, September 26th our Joint Forces Training Center (JFTB) airport will be busy with jets and other aircraft staging and taking practice runs the week prior. Expect an increase of “the sounds of freedom” as these beautiful jets roar off toward the Pacific.

Beginning Friday, September 30, the full air show will take place from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., each day. Those in the area can expect LOUD jet noise. Please be sure to make accommodations for anyone who may be disturbed by the noise, such as children and pets.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy this patriotic, family-friendly show. For more information,
visit the Pacific Airshow’s Website.

NOTE: There will be no public access to the planes or pilots at JFTB during the staging week or on the weekend.

Here’s the release from Huntington Beach.

2022 Pacific Air Show
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