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2021 Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration

15 Years in the Making with the RHA

2021 Christmas Lights Celebration
2021 Christmas Lights Celebration &Amp; Nomination Contest

Up On the Rooftop Time

There’s nothing quite like the joy of relaxing in a lounge chair across the street from your house, with your favorite beverage in hand, admiring the Christmas Lights display you broke your back assembling over the past few days.

Hang on! We’re not encouraging any lounge chairs, yet!! (*drum roll*) It’s that time of year! It’s time for you to bask in the holiday cheer and spread the Christmas spirit to all of Rossmoor!

Yes, the Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration is back for its 15th year, and we’re calling on all the Christmas Lights veteran crazies (and 1st-time rookie entrants) to unpack the boxes of colored lights, winter wonderland figures, and anything that glows to prepare a display across your house and lawn for all to enjoy.  On certain streets, there may even be a few Woodstocks stowed away in those boxes?

Let the decorating and festivities begin! Start by signing your house up (or a well-decorated neighbor’s house) for the RHA Christmas Lights Celebration! Judges will roam the streets on Sunday, December 12th and winning homes will be announced here on the RHA website by Wednesday, December 15th.

Tours & Caravans 

With the map available by 12/15, you have plenty of time to organize a Christmas Lights caravan or even a bike ride throughout the Rossmoor neighborhood! Our online interactive map received over 60,000 views last year alone! That is NOT a typo – over 60k!  People love your Christmas lights!

Chris Marshall and Kieran Nolan co-chair the event and here are the key dates and details to nominate home and get the homes that celebrate the season on the Rossmoor Christmas Lights Hot Spots Map:

  • Sunday, November 28: Christmas Lights Celebration nominations open. The more homes you nominate the more chances you have to win fun and valuable prizes. YES! You can and should nominate your own home.
  • Sunday, December 12: Judges travel around on ice sleds with Alaskan Huskies, checking out the record number of registered homes.
  • Wednesday, December 15: (or possibly earlier) Recognition Awards and Rossmoor Christmas Lights Hot Spots announced on the RHA website and interactive map available online.
  • December 16th onward: Families with mobile map in hand, drive/bike/walk throughout Rossmoor soaking in Christmas lights with hot cocoa and/or apple cider.
  • December 22 & 23: Lightning Velo Cycling Club is once again hosting the Lights Bike Tour. More details as we get closer to the event.

Your mission, should you choose to accept… (and we’ll send a reminder around Thanksgiving too)

  • Nominate your home (or a neighbor’s home) for the celebration (opens in new tab). We’ll need your name, email address, and phone number (in case we need to contact you) and the address of the house you are nominating along with a photo or two (or video) of the display. The photos/video should be taken at night or when the house looks its best.

Thanks to all the families who have decorated over the years! Keep it going – let’s make the 15th year something to remember!  We are looking forward to seeing all the new, creative, and colorful decorations throughout Rossmoor!

If you have any questions about the Lights Celebration, please send an email to Chris & Kieran here Rossmoorlights@gmail.com

Chris Marshall and Kieran Nolan

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