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The Rossmoor Homeowner’s Association along with the Los Alamitos Unified School District, The Shops At Rossmoor, Seal Beach Police Department, Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Orange County Fire Authority, the Board of Supervisors, the Rossmoor Community Services District, and the whole community want to salute all of the 2020 graduates for their many accomplishments.

Parade Recap

Updated: 21 June 2020

We are continuing to add photos and videos from members of the community as the become available to us. Please scroll down for those.

We have had a tremendous response from the neighborhood and the community in general. Here are some of the comments:

It was great to see the graduates at their parade today! Loved cheering them on!! It was wonderful!
Janet Harris

It was so exciting to watch! Great turn out.

Debbie Coyle

Can’t thank our neighbors enough for coming out to support the graduating class of 2020. So many people lined the streets to make this special. It’s truly heartwarming and we can’t thank you enough for being a part of our daughters graduation.

THANK YOU ROSSMOOR. Our hearts are overwhelmed with emotion.

Beth Garver

WOW, What an amazing parade!!!  J  The joy on the faces of our students and their families was just priceless!!!

Congratulations to all involved.

Tina Dingillo, LAUSD

Chairwoman Steel regarding your kind email.  She was extremely honored to participate in  yesterday’s parade.  It was the perfect solution to the state-mandated restrictions imposed upon LAUSD due to COVID-19.

Your out-of-the-box collaboration with the District is indicative of the CAN DO American spirit.  Thanks to all of your efforts, the Class of 2020 has a special memory that will last a lifetime.

Tim Whitacre, District Director for Chairwoman Michelle Steel, OC Board of Supervisors

I did want to thank you  for the parade. It was hands down Amazing!!!

The kids were all ear to ear grins, which we haven’t seen for awhile, they really, really needed this…this helped more than you will ever know!!!

I was telling the kids that they will be going down in history as the only graduating class ever getting a parade like this!

It made it extra special to see the entire community come together to help make them all feel so special ️ I was blown away!

Thank you so very much,

Christine Dunkin

My son is a LAHS Senior and we participated in the Graduation parade this morning, and to all the residents in Rossmoor that came out and cheered and congratulated the students and parents…

Thank you very much for all your support! Although these kids have been forced to miss some of their Senior Festivities, events like this one today will be truly memorable!

No one is going to forget the Class of 2020! Cheers to all!

Jim Dunphy

I want to thank you everyone for being out there today prepared to congratulate, cheer and support all the LAHS Seniors.

What a great idea to have a parade! 👍 I wonder who thought of this.

This is the most memorable and best graduation I have ever seen! We were all touched by everyone cheers. 

There were different kinds of cheers some had music on, musical instruments, props etc used. It was entertaining and fun. Thank you for everyone’s love and support and for making it fun!

Susie Cheung

It was amazing! Loved seeing my former first graders, many of them in (happy) tears as they drove past their elementary school, Hopkinson. 

Best graduation I’ve ever seen! Would love for this to become a Los Al tradition!

Jenny Stuart

Best graduation celebration ever!!

Rich DeCoudres

Kudos to you guys for putting this together. Fantastic job from start to finish. I drove my graduating daughter and two of her friends along the route and my house was also on the route, so we got to enjoy the whole event from two different perspectives.

Big thumbs up! 

Todd Young

Everything was PERFECT, from start to finish! Thank you for a wonderful memory and year-end celebration.

Leslie Kelley

It was an amazing parade!!! Thank you!!

Martha Pedroza

2020 Rossmoor Senior Graduation Celebration
Class of 2020 Parade Presented by the Rossmoor Homeowners Association

And from another  Rossmoor Parent…

Thank you so much for putting together today’s amazing parade! This is our kids’ first high school graduation and it is the best. It created memories that we will talk about for years to come. I don’t think Stephen will ever forget about it. 

Here are just some of the comments I received today:

One lady said to us when we passed by, “I don’t even have kids in the parade but I am crying.” 

My friend texted me, “This is the best high school graduation ceremony that I have ever attended.”

Another senior’s parent said “this is way better than the traditional graduation ceremony.” 

My rising sophomore wants to have the parade when he graduates in 2023. 

I also heard from many people who want to have the graduation parade as a tradition even when they can have the regular graduation ceremony. 

I couldn’t believe how many people lined the streets – so many residents had balloons, banners, signs and they were cheering and congratulating. 

There are families and relatives and friends of the seniors all came to Rossmoor and cheering everyone passing by while waiting for their seniors. 

Many families with little kids are all out there watching and cheering. What a great way to get them excited about going to high school and graduation. 

All the elementary schools teachers are around each elementary schools and cheering. It was so nice to have a chance to tell them “Thank you!” in person. 

The board members and district administrators were there too on the parade route. 

The middle school teachers were at Rossmoor Park. My senior was so happy and touched by so many congrats he received throughout the parade. 

The police cars are so awesome! Love the sirens!!! 

Since we finished early, we went out there cheering for the rest of the parade and it was just as exciting to cheer others as being cheered on. 

What a great community we have. Those fliers are such a good idea. The residents did decorate and did come out and cheer. We have to make this a tradition.

Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

It was amazing parade – truly enjoyed it even though we only knew a few Grads! Hope someone post a video so we can share with out of state families – we were too busy cheering and waving – thought about it after 👋
Anita Dunn
Thank you for all the hard work!
Penny McCann
Thank you to everyone who made this possible for our seniors.
We appreciate all of your hard work. ❤️💙💛
Kelly Bowen

Great job of organizing the parade and it was wonderful.

Mary Holzgang

My niece was a graduate that participated and my sister videoed different parts of the route and shared with us her family back in Connecticut who would have been there for her graduation. It was truly a feat to behold. Congratulations for pulling it off and congrats to all the 2020 graduating class. Well done!!

Jackie Yonts

The parade was awesome! Thank you very much for organizing this event. My son, Class of 2018, drove our daughter in the parade (unwillingly at first, but in hindsight loved it). I’m a teacher at Lee Elementary and wanted to see not only my kid in the parade, but all of her friends, and past students! It was great! I’m hoping this becomes a new tradition!!!

Thank you!!!
Karen Recker

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Marian Last

I heard the sirens from my house and walked down to the corner of Rossmoor Park to watch. I didn’t have a Senior in the parade, but I watched and recorded as each car passed from beginning to end. It was an awesome sight to see. Glad that the seniors enjoyed it. The smiles on their faces spoke volumes!

Great job Seniors!!

Thank you to all those who put this event together.

Cathy Sauvao

Thank for all the support today for our Los Al Seniors. There was such community support and the turnout was amazing! What a great way to honor our Seniors during these times. Thank you to everyone who participated and made this happen! It made for a very fun day for my daughter and our family.

Patty Painter

We just LOVED this beautiful display of support from our amazing community! So fun to see all of the decorated cars and be able to call out the names of the grads if they were posted on the cars. Thanks to the RHA, the planners, the officers, the families and the young adults who made us so proud today. I hope we do this every year from now on!!! 🎉👍🏼

Judy & Co DeCoudres

Congrats to all the graduates on their achievements. Thanks to everyone that put this car parade on for all the seniors at Los Al. I loved seeing all the car decked out in balloons and writing around Los Al.

Sarah Sauters

The parade was so AWESOME!!! Thanks for all the hard work! I loved seeing such beautiful smiles on the seniors’ faces! Fantastic experience!!!

Mary McDougall

Thank you so much for all your hard work. I think that was better than going to the traditional graduation. The students were able to some what take pictures and intermingle while waiting for the parade to start. 
The parade going through the neighborhood was so amazing and personalized but also the neighbors participated calling their names and congratulating them. I loved the fact that the staff and student of the schools recognized each other and were able to take selfies. Afterwards were able to take more pictures at the designated area.
She so glad she came and loved everything about it.
Thank you again 
Diane Thompson

Our grandson was among the graduates enjoying this phenomenal experience.

I was in the car his mom was driving and both she and I had tears of joy running down our faces.

It truly was an experience I will never forget nor my daughter and grandson.

Thank you just doesn’t say enough!!!!!

J. Long

It was a wonderful way to honor all the graduates since they missed out on so much during their senior year. I enjoyed watching the parade.
A big Thank you to everyone who helped organizing it and also thank you to the fire- and police departments.
Claudia Bacskai 

Here’s our ever growing collection of photos from the Class of 2020 parade. Thanks to Maddy Flan, Jeannine Ball, Steve Baker, Helen Harlan, Ralph Vartabedian, and a host of other contributors.